In Mahapool, we often stretch the limits of existing technology to facilitate the user task. We strive to ensure that our innovation ensures the privacy and security to our valued users. These principles serve as a guide for the design of our solutions. Users can control their own personal travel settings (flexible distance, time, vehicle, etc.) on a real time basis. The necessary data required as the photo of the person or the car with license plate, the name of which are necessary for facilitating car pooling are shared exclusively with car pooling partners.

Focusing on the custom services

Based on information that users share with us, we try to make our services even more meaningful, relevant and useful for users.

A transparent system for the collection of personal data

Apart from a few areas that are necessary for ensuring the safety of car pooling, we encourage our users to customize the settings freely as needed. We inform our users of how we use the data in order to provide them with better services ultimately.

Knitted industry standards and information security practices

We are trying to meet the country's laws, and beyond, we work internally, with the Aufsichtsbehörden- and industrial partners in order to improve the data protection standards. Furthermore, we consider it our responsibility to the data that users entrust to protect us. We take security issues seriously and work to make it even safer for our system with a large number of users, developers and external security experts.