Advantages of Corporate Pooling

Transport Integration

Optimise the usage of your company’s vehicle – with an option to integrate existing the company’s transport system / car pooling. Additionally, one can integrate available local public transport schedules & provider’s details.

Environment Friendly

Your employees travel in an environment friendly way. Mahapool reduces the carbon footprint, and reports the emission savings done.

Boost Employee Trust

Carpooling increases the interaction between employees, & possibly with Mahapool's network.

Corporate Branding

Increase your value as an employer, as well as your company’s location and think of benefits of your integrated transport system with Mahapool.

Cost Savings

Save on your company’s travel costs (parking space, official tour, company vehicles and cabs). Your employees reduce vehicle ownership costs by pooling. You can even decide on the reward & costs of pooling to ensure a higher feasibility of pooling.

Healthy and Productive Employee

Reduce Stress Levels and Be Happier & Productive At Workplace and At Home. Lead a Healthier Life Without Back-ache and Neck-Ache and Pollution Borne Diseases.

Many Companies / Institutions are Mahapooling

Mahapool integrated transport solution provides you with one of the most technologically advanced platforms for Car pooling. The real time solution matches passengers with drivers not only when with they share the same start and destination, but also the route calculation tracks every destination on the entire route of the driver immediately."

Mr. V.S. Sharma
CEO Max Dairy Pvt. Ltd.

"We wanted solution for our SSI unit with limited manpower. With Mahapool we got much more than our requirement at very reasonably costs.

Mr. Rajeev Gupta
Competent Metal Forgings

Mahapool Solution Benefits

Individual Consulting:
Project scope, management and marketing consulting for implementation
Customisation of your corporate page, user’s incentives,preferences, timing & much more
Reports of vital parameters, feedbacks
Chat support for your employees
Privacy & Security Standards:
Secure - Identity check, mobile & e-mail authentication checks High data protection and data security
High on privacy standard.
Secure SSL-connection on Web & App
Regular Data Backup
Mahapool solution on Web and mobile - Android.
Notification via e-mail, sms and/or push notification
Choose network for your carpools
High probability of pooling with pre-planned & real time matching.
Independent user administration
Preset office, home locations, other places of interest.
Cloud-based solution (SaaS) – simple IT implementation
Optional Features:
Integration of local public transport Special setup for corporate events, meetings, etc.
Integrate other company vehicles, cabs, etc.
Live & Onsite training, support.
Dedicated / partially dedicated Call centre support for your employees.
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