To organise information about transport resources in such a way so as to make it accessible both with ease and on time.


Believe in making earth a better place to live for all.
Think beyond Self; think of society, country, humankind & mother earth
Work should be dedicated to make society co-exist in harmony with “Earth”
We focus on fulfilling Customer need Design solutions to meet the need and try to invent them if required.

Our Name, Our Logo :

We named transport optimisation solution Mahapool, a combination of Ancient & Modern languages. “Maha” comes from Sanskrit, an ancient language meaning “Great” while “Pool” comes from modern English language, meaning “To combine or contribute with others for a common goal”. Seven main colors of visible spectrum in Mahapool logo symbolise the wide spectrum of our pooling solution.

Mahapool was born out of Delhi’s daily traffic jams situation. Bharat Bhushan travelled on Vikas Marg which was congested & a single vehicle breakdown resulted in huge traffic jams. People got used to this situation & had re-scheduled their travel plan to avoid jams as much as possible. To analyse the situation in rationale manner, Bharat surveyed the traffic situation for few months using simple pocket diary & pen. After analyzing the results after 3 months during 2003 & revalidating the same after few months, he found the following Vehicle Occupancy:

Result of survey for 4WH Occupancy in Delhi & NCR

Single Occupancy        - 3317   47%

Double Occupancy       - 1995   28%

3 Occupancy                - 750   11%

4 & above Occupancy  - 958   14%

Total Occupancy      - 7020   100%

Result of survey for 2WH Occupancy in Delhi & NCR

Single Occupancy        - 2191   66%

Double Occupancy       - 1128   34%

Total Occupancy      - 3319   100%

An article Delhite Transport, Report Published in Hindustan Times, New Delhi edition dated 28-10-03 showed

Bharat further analyzed that a 2 cars & 1 bus occupied almost same space on road but while 2 cars carried 3 people Bus carried about over 60.
It was pretty logical that Pooling was the solution BUT the issues were – How to find right person, identify him & locate him on road, Security concerns, pooling amount basis, etc.
With the introduction of Mobile technology in India, Bharat thought of putting the new technology to use for the same. With assistance with Ashok, he worked out a solution of using telephone as means of pooling. The Patent applied in 2004 which was granted in 2008.

Our company is conceived by the promoters who are the 1st Generation entrepreneurs in India. Some of the key milestones in Mahapool’s development till date are as follows


Preliminary project activity was done & team for system development was shortlisted. Project development started with Elite Technologies, Chandigarh with own funds. Mahapool’s logo copyrights are taken. Patent rights for the vehicle pooling solution were granted by The Patent Office, Government of India till 19-04-2024. We hope that this website would help travel better, network with people and make everyday ride, fruitful for its users. We are looking forward for your valuable comments. If you feel that your valuable inputs can help us to improve, kindly mail us at: contact@mahapool.com


Started developing team to launch pooling solution. Mobile handset with Android OS 2.1 & higher selected to start along with 2G / 3G / higher GPRS connectivity.
“Mahapool” was selected as name of the solution & Domain name booked for www.Mahapool.com & www.Mahapool.com.


Search for right mobile hardware & wireless carrier began but there was no supporting technology available for the commercial launch.


Patent granted for Vehicle Pooling system through Mobile which is valid till 2024.


Communication was done with the Indian Patent office in order to acquire the required patent.


Patent application filed with European Patent Office (EPO) under Patent Cooperation Treaty. Pooling solution published as International Patent ‘PCT/IN05/00126’ under Patent Cooperation Treaty.


Patent application filed in April 2004 with Indian Patent Office.


Problems associated with “Traffic Jams” analysed & the idea of a pooling system is conceived. Solution involves use of mobile phone for the “pooling system”.

Useful Information for Poolers

Mahapool plans to also offer relevant information about the local events like sale, exhibition, shows etc. as well as important places to see as per his travel requirement & personal choice. This can help the clients who are travelling for a short period to get the best out of their visit.

How can Mahapool be accessed?

Mahapool is a real time vehicle pooling solution. A person just needs to register with www.Mahapool.com . Upon successful verification (Photo, Photo ID and Address Proof) to ensure security of system, user can access to this wonderful phone application. Once the user has installed the application on his mobile phone he can find vehicles / passengers suiting his travel needs (as the case may be). We strive to improve existing transport system so that it meets the needs of the users’ mobility; whether it is a car, tempo, truck or bus pooling.

How Apps Works?

Mahapool’s Mobile & Web applications (“Apps”) together make it easy for users to share travel related information. Mahapool apps help people communicate and collaborate to accomplish their travel itinerary.
We have designed Mahapool Apps, to handle simple day-to-day travel needs of individual users as well as travel solutions for large transport companies. With Mahapool apps, travel requirements of the user are stored securely online, accessible from the pre-defined (registered) mobile device. The prerequisite for the app is that the mobile (currently limited to Android with 2.3.6 version or higher, 1 GHz dual processor, GPS, with internet connectivity (preferably 3G)). As the data of the user is online (servers will store users’ Pooling details, , favourite destinations, routes, etc.), therefore travel needs can be processed and matched to other users quickly (from driver to passenger). Instead of the users having to maintain telephone numbers of probable matches, they’ll always get the most relevant matches automatically along with alerts, identification details of relevant matches so that they can focus on road rather than call up the probable matches.
Finally, we firmly believe that flexible system is what one needs; therefore, Mahapool Apps allows the user to modify travel needs at any time or place in country at any point in time.