• About carpool (pooling)
    • What is carpool (pooling)?

      Pooling is also known as ride sharing. The cost of driving by car or bicycle can be divided among two or more people. Pooling is also suitable for business, because the majority of people within a specified time points by driving home to business places and back. However, this type is more likely to travel and then performed on a private basis of families and between friends for travel of other species.

    • Global scenario? "Mahapool" scenario?

      people use now Cab pooling (normally in the commercial sector). The employees of the same or different offices that operate on a given route and at any given time, order taxis. The driver survived from such a common vehicle use, and yet that is the user still more economical than a ride in a private vehicle.
      Globales Scenario
      Weltweit lassen verschiedene Ländern Pooling zu, vorausgesetzt, die Fahrt:
      1. he trip will be completed regardless of carpooling. (ie, the trip would also undertaken without car pooling)..
      2. The private taxi drivers may therefore not work under the same conditions as an official taxi driver)..
      3. Is only allowed for a maximum of seven people per vehicle..
      4. is made ​​in a single vehicle at cost allocation (provided that neither the driver nor any other person Profit draws) or settlement dates by in turn provided vehicles
      „Mahapool“ Scenario
      The Mahapool principle met as far as possible the guidelines for the Global Pooling.

    • Does "Mahapool" for taxi operation? How different from the taxi?

      "Mahapool" is not a taxi service.
      At the taxi operation - takes the driver to drive Kunden¬gewinnung. The driver's motive is profit extraction.
      In the "Mahapool" - is making the driver the ride regardless of any pooling arrangement. The driver learns of potential customers (by chance) go in real time. The driver's motive is to get at least refunded part of his (occurring anyway) travel expenses.

    • If pooling for me?

      If you are at least 18 years old, and more than 20 km / day car or riding a bicycle regularly, then it is worth "Mahapool" for you. You will not only be refunded your vehicle costs, but also reduces traffic congestion, reduce pollution and fossil fuel consumption and protect the environment.
      As a passenger, you get a flexible and economical way to travel. You benefit not only the company, the country but the whole world in general.

  • About "Mahapool"
    • What does "Mahapool"?

      It is a patented solution for car pooling for cars (4-wheels) & Bikes (2 wheels) available hauptsätzlich as Handyapp.
      When you are ready to go, simply click on this app, look for co-drivers in real time. The system matches your travel needs with suitable users and provides a secure way for pooling.
      "Mahapool" lets you identify your carpool partners, is looking for partners who want to ride on the same route, and stores the Pool records. "Mahapool" uses 3 layers as an authentication test to maintain the secure environment.

    • How does "Mahapool"?

      Car and motorcycle drivers drive the short distance (approximately up to 100 km) to go back to the saved route click and start driving. "Mahapool" organizes your carpool Please immediately with the matching carpool partners automatically. For short distance, you must first plan anything. Alternatively, there is also a search option to find carpool partners.
      The car and motorcycle long distance driving (approximately about 100 km) have to plan the election in advance the travel manually. The app in their mobile phone helps them to seek the pool partner, record pool etc.

    • Why "Mahapool"? Is it free?

      The user simply looks at the Web site for carpool partners or vehicle owner. Based on the information that has given the user performs "Mahapool" a temporary user identification check. Using the Handyapp and after reviewing the information, you can contact automatically with your carpool partner. Before the user starts driving, he has the Partner Photo and vehicle photo that appears on mobile phone, check with the actual person. Likewise, put car or bicycle owners additional information about your vehicle. You can change as a passenger according to their need. Being a member of Mahapool is free.

    • How do you decide the fare and how can I pay way?

      User pays / receives the amount corresponding to the Pooling request. Fares that are based depending Pool Distance will be charged accordingly automatically. The tariffs are decided rules under international pooling, you need the vehicle tasting (gasoline, maintenance, insurance, parking and depreciation) decide, but the process must act no gain to the driver. Passengers loading "Mahapool" (prepaid) account with Net-banking, credit-debit cards. Payments are processed by ICICI Merchant Services. "Mahapool" shows pooling amount for each driving community with the consent of the user. Money is deducted only on successful merge. Likewise, the payment amount for each carpool be shown to drivers.

    • How do you find a pool partner?

      "Mahapool" will automatically find a pool partner when people go on a given route and at any given time. Your phone are audio alerts with photo of Pool Partners (also vehicle photo). That needs no call / SMS, etc. After comparing the Pool Partners photos with actual pool partner in mobile phone you must accept pooling.

    • Will this app work with any Phone? How about with other smart phones?

      There is 4.0 and work up for all versions of Android. We will release the phone shortly for I-Phone, Windows.

    • Geographical Limitations? Self Imposed Restrictions?

      No geographical limitation there to "Mahapool" You can make your own pooling group in any part of the country "Mahapool" takes pooling requirements between 6 clock to 10 clock Further results are based on sex -... For example, they are specific to women.

  • Conduct, Assurance
    • How do I know if results shown by Mobile for Pooling are Ok?
      The results shown are of people whose destination are on the same route and the travel expenses have been mutually agreed. Identity of all users have been checked and feedback are assessed in public. One has only the result of pooling, which is shown in the mobile phone, compared with the actual user. Therefore, "Mahapool" results are safer than available public / private transport.\
    • Is pooling permitted by law?

      As per reply received Ministry of Road Transport & Highway, pooling of private vehicles by sharing the cost of operation among the users is not debarred under Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. Commercial vehicle is meant for Hire & Reward

    • How guarantiert Mahapool that pooling is meant seriously and done?

      DnR is a real-time pooling solution. Pooling results are based on the user's route and current location. Car owners (driver) get the Pooling results only after they are traveling on the track in real time. Pooling limitations - A user (passenger) can claim only for individual (seat) pooling. Furthermore, the tariffs are calculated automatically, so that only the vehicle costs will be reimbursed to drivers.

    • How do I know whether the results shown by Mobile for pooling are okay?

      DnR checks user identity -. Compares the user's details with the details that approved at government photo ID are to ensure that information from users who provided are genuine (to peripheral data in the public domain available) You must accept Pooling , after the pool party identification data matches with photos on mobile phone. DnR maintains a log record of any successful pool. Further confirmations are required after each pooling to have a public profile review of each member. Repeated negative feedback arise as a limitation for the user.

    • What you should do and not do when Mahapool?

      Vehicles (car / bike driver):
      Drive safely and obey traffic rules. In the case of a change in your itinerary, ask the pool partner in proper place to get out, so they can find alternative means of transportation.
      Bicycle Owner :
      Bring spare helmet for pool partners. There is no need to plan your trip in advance. Mahapool - Pool on the go

      Passanger :
      Pooling is a taxi & one should reasonably respected car owner preferences regarding smoking / eating in the car, vehicle cleanliness, etc.. Submit the correct information, refer to real people who are on the DNR. Be supportive and cooperating with other members.

  • safety
    • Code of Conduct?
      Irrational behavior to the pool partners, asking for their personal information, carrying out illegal activities are not permitted. DnR assumes zero tolerance to drugs, drinking and driving. Each reported matter can follow to the termination of your account.
  • insurance
    • Do I / separate bike insurance policy car?
      Pooling does not affect your insurance policy. We recommend a Global Police pursue, so that it includes all the passengers. Carpool and bike Pool operate internationally accepted principles that the travel expenses incurred by the operator as regards the vehicle, are reimbursed.
      The costs will be limited to fuel, maintenance, insurance, depreciation, parking.
  • How can you offer pooling?
    • How do I bid pooling?
      For short distances(approximately up to 100 km) turn to as a driver in app, then you can find a list of routes. To insert new lines, click Add Route. Select already been saved destination or search for a new track where you want to go, Mahapool takes one for you. Save this new path for the future. Click on the route on which you want to go, choose the vehicle and the number of available places for pooling and start the journey on the selected route. In advance, you need to plan anything, no call / SMS / e-mail, etc.
      For long distances(more than approx 100 km) in site, click Add-pool. Include dates and publish your request for pool. Other interested users will contact you.
    • As a driver, I can not log in?

      Click on "Upgrade" in the menu and send the detailed information of your vehicle (and outstanding information, if any) in Handyapp. Only users who have submitted the correct information will be admitted to the pool.

    • How and where can I find my carpool partner? Do I have to wait for him?

      Just click on your route, select the vehicle and available seating for pooling and start the journey on the selected route. Your phone makes you aware that there is a potential carpool partners in the area, and inform you to slow down. You can now compare the contact information (photos) of passengers. Confirm newly his destination, allow you to put him on the plane, you agree to be pool request. His name will appear as active-Pooler. Proceed as usual. In real-time pooling you do not have to carpool partner (co-driver) waiting.

    • How about if I do not feel with a carpool partner well?

      Pooling or no pooling is mutually decided by both driver and passenger. If you are not comfortable feeling, you just keep going, "Mahapool" will automatically connect to the next partner. Next, the system will connect only women with female drivers.

    • And the destination of the partner?

      The system brings the carpool partners together only if their destination / Drop Point to falling same route. You need only go to your selected route, and the system will notify you if the passenger drop point is near.

    • I want my Pooling request change / cancel?

      For short distances (approximately up to 100 km) to cancel, just click Cancel pool when you are driving on selected route, or go directly to a different route. If you have already begun pool with someone, you can get it at a cheap place, so that it can find alternative means of transport. To add a new route, click Route-inserting. Choose among the already registered destination or looking for a new, on which you want to drive, "Mahapool" takes one for you. Save the route for the future. If you want to pooling, just click on the selected route, select ready vehicle and vacant seats and keep driving along the selected route.

  • How to add another vehicle?
    • What happens if I use different vehicles? And the session capacity?
      By submitting the correct information up to five vehicles car (s) and / or motorcycle (wheels) / log Motorcycle (s). Then click on the route, select the vehicle and available seats that you want to provide for the pooling. Mahapool allows you up to seven seats for the pooling. Seats are automatically angepast taking into account the active Poolers.
    • What about her motorcycle (wheels) seating capacity? Anyone wearing helmet for pillion?

      Motorcycles have standard seating capacity for pooling. Drivers should use helmet while driving and spare helmet for passenger for safe riding wear. We recommend that users must follow all of the time the traffic rules.

  • How do I get paid?
    • How much money can I earn?
      You will be reimbursed the travel costs of the trip, depreciation and insurance of the vehicle. Pooling is not for profit. The contribution of any successful trip will appear by alarm signals.
    • How do I get my money?

      It is not necessary to ask the passengers money. It will automatically gutgeschreiben in your Mahapool account. You can send money to. 1 Pool as a passenger use. 2 Mahapool will credit the amount to once a month on your bank account, as long as the money passes over certain limit. Drivers must provide your bank information is available (as are printed on the check). Mahapool never asks, your net banking or other personal information, etc. to disclose.

  • How can you find a carpool?
    • How do I find a carpool?

      There are two ways to find a carpool that adapts to your need
      For short distances (approximately up to 100 Km) real-time carpool fits best. It is not necessary to plan in advance, no call / SMS / e-mail / etc. Log in Mahapool to ride as a passenger, looking for and save on your destination and you just click on it when you want to travel. Mahapool information on the current for the car (4-wheels) and motorcycle (2 wheels) necessary travel amount and the balance available in your Mahapool-Account to continue with your request to the Fahrgemienschaft. Upon receipt of the travel amount Mahapool It assigns possible carpool partners to automatically create voice messages along with the images of the carpool partners and the vehicle and the distance gap. Mahapool uses 3 levels of authentication control to help maintain a safe environment. Compare the pictures and confirm again with the driver of the carpool destination, sit down in the car and click on phone 'begin carpool' on.
      For long distances (more than approximately 100 km)predetermined selection fits best with you manually search up to 30 days in advance for a carpool / a carpool can ask manually. You can change the search criteria such as date, time, preferences, to find a potential carpool. When the time arrives carpool, you can always switch to the Handyapp to have the advantage of real-time carpool.

    • As I sit down with my carpool partner in connection? Do I need to book my carpool in advance?

      It is not necessary that you set yourself up for real-time carpool with your carpool partner (no SMS / call / no email) in connecting. Mahapool you automatically alerted on your cell phone with audio visual alarm calls. Just click on your destination, if you are ready to drive, and the app does the rest.

    • What happens if I change my carpool time, my carpool route or even my car?

      No worries. Just click your updated route / your updated destination when ready for driving, and the app does the rest. Before each community drive you can use any vehicles [Auto (s) / motorcycle (motorbikes)] select and change the number of available seats..

    • What happens if I do not find a carpool?

      For short-haul travel, click 'ride' to make your friends Mahapool. You would not need to change your travel routine for Mahapool For a long distance journey, you can. 1 the date and time change. 2 the search multiply. 3 You can filter e-mail / message alarm calls, if a suitable assignment is found.

    • And if someone denied my carpool Please or fails to hold, pick me up?

      No worries, Mahapool update the result automatically. Both the vehicle owner (driver) and the passengers have the right not to accept the carpool results.

    • Know Mahapool members other members? What to check before beginning carpool?

      You do not need to know every member, because it is a large network, it is therefore not possible to know each member. Mahapool organizes your carpool Please immediately with the matching carpool partners automatically. All you need to do is that you assign to the images of the person, the vehicle of other members and the review before the carpool beginning.

    • How to remove / I lock my carpool members list?

      Both the vehicle owner (driver) and the passengers have the right not to accept the carpool results. Mahapool encourage the user to assess the partners according to each community ride. Members display the ratings of other users from the community ride. On the basis of the votes of the Fahrgeimnschaftspartnern feedback Mahapool take appropriate action.

  • How to find a carpool?
    • How to find a carpool?
      Simply log in to Mahapool app at a time, click the preselected destination or browse for a new destination. Based on the Community quantity select the Vehicle type (s).
      Mahapool searching automatically in real-time a / several carpool partners. No e-mail / message, no call.
  • How do I pay a carpool?
    • How do I pay a carpool?
      The request for a Community drive you will receive the carpool lot. The payment will be made only if you automatically beginning of your carpool account a carpool. A change at the last minute is not needed to pay for the carpool.
    • What is a carpool account? As I see records, and who leads them?

      The carpool account is equal to a pre-paid mobile phone account. Members can recharge in the function of their travel needs, as required. At low balances you will be alerted before the carpool beginning. The user can check the car pool account details under "reports" about app or application in the computer / laptop.

    • As I review my balances carpool account? As it is recharged?

      You can check the current balance in the profile section or in the report section. You can do it using bank transfer, charge credit / debit card online. For online charging options Mahapool has a merger with ICICI Merchant Services. The charging option will be available in the future in the convenience stores.

  • Personal information
    • Why should I announce my cell phone and e-mail address My picture and my photo ID?

      We use
      your phone to verify you as a member of the system,
      your e-mail to communicate with you in case you forget your password, etc
      your photo and photo identification to ensure that the user data is accurate
      In order to facilitate identification the photos shown to the pool partner. Your mobile number will not be communicated, not even your pool partners in real-time pooling. The same is true for the other details other than any requirements as the user photo that (based on feedback) rating and a photo of the vehicle

    • Why additional information is requested by the vehicle owner (driver)?

      We ask the participants, we submit vehicle details such as photo and registration certificate (ZB), to facilitate the identification of the customer pool Pool-vehicle and the example and the owners to check rights / ownership. Next, we ask the driver to his or her bank details (as printed on the check) for "Mahapool" type in order to pay the amount directly pooling. "Mahapool" inquires the subscriber never phone for banking passwords and other card details.

    • What do you do with it? How do you protect my personal information?

      We compare your data with those card in the picture. Similarly, the vehicle will be examined, and the participants will be admitted to pooling. In accordance with our privacy policy, we give your personal information to any third person next page.
      In order to ensure privacy, all photos, etc. PhotoID designated water as soon as they are uploaded. Data is encrypted to protect against hackers.

    • What kind of personal and vehicle photos are? How do I upload pictures?
      During the pooling process Pool partners to facilitate the identification photos are shown. Therefore we leave demonstrable pictures that will help us to identify you. Enter corresponding photo (front with visible number plate) of your vehicle, which can identify it easily. You can also enter a clear / readable picture of your photo ID and your example.
      Just use your mobile phone to upload your photo. Take the picture or select one from the gallery itself. The latest photo with a smiling face always looks good. On the "Profile", you can see how you and your data look like.
    • Why reminds me my phone it to complete the profile?
      If you choose to skip the details during the registration, remembers "Mahapool" Be sure to complete this to help us, even to help you when pooling.
    • I have completed the profile, the pool can not be used yet?
      "Mahapool" takes some time to compare your data with the photo ID and the same applies to the vehicle. When that's done, you will be notified that you can use the pool. Also, your status will be updated on the "Profile" page.
    • I can not change my cell phone and my e-mail address, my photo and my photo ID?
      Once, "Mahapool" the participant verified, lle information provided will be blocked. But some information can be changed after one year. Mahapool stores old and new areas to keep records of users. However, you can supplement your vehicle information / delete at any time as you wish. Mahapool approved up to four new vehicles in one year.
    • Why should I "Mahapool" allow you to send a one-time promotional SMS to my contact? Who bears the SMS charges?
      During registration, "Mahapool" asks the user for permission to make a one-time promotional SMS in advertiser Phone Book. It is your personal decision. Let it Ride and Drive And addressee from your address directory login then your promotional code (initially your mobile phone number), you will receive a credit to your account pooling. Mahapool stores not this addressee, and the application does not happen without your express consent. All SMS charges for these promotional activities are supported by Mahapool.
    • Why should I join Mahapool?

      You can share about your phone Likewise Mahapool-App with people on your social media, messaging sites, etc.. If (first mobile phone number) Register the persons named by you in Mahapool with your promotional code, you will receive a credit to your account pooling.

  • Confirmation vote of the members
    • How should we evaluate this?

      Alternatively, you can on desktop / laptop login, and when you are able, you can evaluate your pool partners. Next you can make your comment about pooling experience.

    • How do you calculate the final evaluation?

      The assessment of a person and the number of reviews that scored the person may also be seen by the users.

    • Why must someone be rated? What to evaluate?

      Assessment helps the pooling experiences with other members, share, and so you come to another decision, whether it is to be pooled with a specific member or not. Better rating makes you more and more socially acceptable.

    • Think, before vote

      Please take a peaceful resolution before you evaluate someone. Applying extreme Review or languages ​​should be avoided.

  • verification
    • Why should I give my mobile number?

      Mobile number is required, since it is the basis for the user's login. This number is not disclosed to third parties.

    • How will my mobile number checked?

      Phone is automatically checked by the server. If there is delay, you can validate your number manually.

    • Why do you need e-mail ID, if you have the cell phone number?

      We need to email the password to send (in case the password is forgotten), or other information relating to your account.

    • Why do you need my photo ID and vehicle registration certificate (for driver required)?

      We compare your personal data with government-approved photo ID. We also compare the details of the vehicle registration certificate (Logbook). When that's done, we will check the passenger as authorized users. Your details we share with no one, unless it is required by law. All documents will be watermarked and encrypted to prevent misuse.